Individual sessions to refocus on yourself, find the solutions that suit you and awaken your abilities and qualities. Overcome your fears and wounds in order to live your life with freedom. One to two hours for yourself, with yourself, seeking and finding in yourself what correspond to you.

In a world of relaxation, comfortably seated, you rebalance the positive energy within you to harmonize body and mind. Several sessions may be necessary. We will agree together on what is most suitable for you.

Individual sessions last between 1h30 and 2 hours.


Maya offers you individual or group coaching sessions :

- Individual sessions to refocus on yourself, find the solutions that suit you, and awaken your abilities and qualities

- Overcome your fears and your wounds in order to be able to improve your business performance and become a leader of yourself again

- Increase self-confidence

- Communicate with conviction

- Increase leadership and focus

- Improve physical performance

- Increase memory and creativity


For individual sports, for an athlete and his coach or for several athletes, we offer several formulas according to your request

--> Please contact us by email in order we can answerd to your request

« A healthy mind in a healthy body » is the aspiration of many athletes.
Hypnosis allows you to increase your results and reach your goals by increasing control and letting go of yourself and boosting your mind

Examples of athletes who have used hypnosis :


Jimmy Connors would have used hypnosis techniques before US Open.


Tiger Woods, one of the greatest professional golfers, uses hypnosis regularly to improve his performance and stay focused on and off the golf course.


Jack Nicklaus, the World famous golf champion, has recognized that hypnosis and visualization techniques have allowed him to have better concentration.


Michael Jordan and his partners used hypnosis (and meditation) as Phil Jackson told us.


Kobe Bryan, Shaquille O'Neil and their partners won 3 championships in a row using hypnosis as a performance support.

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