Some personalities who have used hypnosis :


Albert Einstein was known to do hypnosis sessions every afternoon. Einstein's great theory of relativity entered his mind during one of these sessions, and he used the hypnotic trance state to develop many of his other theories and formulas.


Winston Churchill received post-hypnotic suggestions so that he could avoid fatigue and endure long periods of sleeplessness during World War II.


Serguei Rachmaninov after a post-hypnotic suggestion given by the first hypnosis (Nikolai Dahl), composed his 2nd piano concerto which was very much appreciated by the public.


Sylverster Stallone used self-hypnosis strips to stimulate willpower and creativity.


Orlando Bloom had to undergo hypnosis to end his chocolate addiction as a child.


Eva Mendes overcame her fear of spiders through hypnosis.


Lily Allen goodbye kilos, hello hypnosis! Some opt for diets, others use hypnotists to motivate themselves. A method that would have allowed the singer to lose a good ten kilos!


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart also used hypnotism as a creative aid, and his opera Cosi Fan Tutte was entirely composed during an hypnotic trance.

To stop smoking

Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Catherine Deneuve, Charlize Theron, Drew Barrymore, Samuel L Jackson, Britney Spears...

For personal development

Sean Connery, Sean Pean, Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner, Jackie Kennedy, Henry Ford, David Beckham