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Hypnosis is a natural state of altered consciousness that Opens (+) the door between our conscious and unconscious and makes them fusion.

The unconscious, where all our past is stocked included:

-our Fears (+)
-our Brakes (+)
-our Blockages (+)

which, over time, can become toxic, useless and cumbersome to live with in our daily lives, and all this can generate Stress, Anxiety, Diseases in our Body.

In a hypnotic state, we can gradually lift this toxic past and Free (+) ourselves from it little by little, put in place new positive thoughts of change and move forward more serenely in our lives.

Post-session feelings

We feel a lightness, an immediate wellbeing in the body and in the spirit which is prolonged gradually over the sessions.
They reconnect us to our feelings of balance, freedom to act and increasingly evacuate our Brakes (+), our Blockages (+), our Fears (+) du passé.

Being yourself

As with sport, it requires discipline, self-awareness and we can only get there by training, repeating the work on yourself to achieve success.

Meeting with Maya

Maya tells us about her vision of hypnosis as well as the progress of her sessions.

- Were you destined for this job ? How did it come to you ?

Yes, this profession came to me because it was my destiny.
It's a great Feeling (+) that I have had since my childhood: to be attentive to the Trials (+) of life.
Forward (+) for me is an evidence.

- What does hypnosis bring to your daily life ?

Hypnosis brings me a lot of happiness and serenity in the help I can give to relieve my patients.

- You are an hypnotherapist. What can you tell us about the highlights of your sessions ?

My sessions take place in two parts:

1) Conscious part: anamnesis with the patient

First of all I ask my patient for the work intention: it can be stress, anxiety, phobias, addictions, lack of self-confidence, body pains or any other feeling that he wants to improve. It is very important to know and understand what could have caused them. Then we exchange a questionnaire in order to identify the source of the emotional injury that may have triggered this discomfort (Five emotional wounds (+)).
It is essential the patient be in Acceptance (+) of his past wounds in order to progress through the sessions and access his healing.

2) Conscious and unconscious part: hypnotic session

Everything discussed in the first part, and accepted by the patient, leads us to our hypnosis session.

-Is hypnosis for everyone ?

Hypnosis is not recommended for certain psychiatric mental illnesses.
It is open to all from the moment the person concerned requests to lift their Fears (+), their Brakes (+), their Blockages (+) which plunge them into discomfort.
It must be a Personal Approach (+).

- In your opinion what is the future of hypnosis ?

I think we're just at the beginning. We still have a lot to discover about hypnosis, about what it can bring to our society, in different fields: personal, medical and other developments.

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