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After Henri Play, Henri Leconte created Henriflexion, a new show based on passion, sharing and performance.

Accompanied by Maya, he will receive several guests with whom he will exchange and debate on different themes that are close to his heart with always as main objectives: transmission, exchange, listening, all in a spirit of conviviality and well-being.

Approximately 30 minutes long, Henriflexion can be found on Henri's Youtube channel by clicking on this link.

Regularly the show will be followed by Henri Maya, a humorous sketch that takes the opposite of the themes addressed in Henriflexion.



1- Dangers of social networks

Guest: Habib Lienhoun

A real social phenomenon, social networks are more and more used in our lives. It is a new means of communication which, as for everything, has its good and bad sides.
How to analyze this recent craze (the beginnings date back to about twenty years ago), how to find the right balance between the real and the virtual...? Elements of answer in this 1st show.

1- Burn-out

Guest: Habib Lienhoun

Physical, emotional and intellectual exhaustion linked to the professional context due to high stress at work, burn-out affects more and more people. This term, which appeared in the 1960s, literally means burning from the inside.
Our guests describe this feeling and suggest several ways of working.

- Henri Maya