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« Balles neuves » , medias

HL&Co - livre

Release of Henri Leconte's new book « Balles neuves ».

"I'm delighted to announce the release of my new book « Balles neuves » by Marabout.

From my beginnings to the present day, passion has been my energy and my lifeblood.
A journey of successes, failures, joys and suffering.
It's a matter of course for each of us to accept them, to welcome them and to move forward.

The book comes out on 11 October, and you can also order it from Fnac, Amazon or your local bookseller."


Exclusive press photos book promo

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« Balles neuves » , meetings and book signings

HL&Co - livre

In addition to the many interviews he has given to various media outlets, Henri has been meeting members of the public to talk about and sign his book « Balles neuves ».
Below are the places where you can talk to him:


3 --> La Roche-sur-Yon, Business Club

12 --> Saint-Lô, Medef Manche
13 --> Saint-Lô, Usine Solex

19 --> Metz, cercle des Paraiges

26 --> Brest, during the Open de Brest


2 --> Paris, during the Rolex Masters

4 --> Golf du Prieuré

20 --> Paris, Casa Barbara

24 --> Luxembourg, Car Avenue

25 --> Lillers, Tennis Club

29 --> Lille, Fnac


2 --> Lyon, Fnac

6 --> Angers, during the Open P2i
8 --> Angers, Business Club

15 --> Metz, Fnac

16 --> Luxembourg, Gang Cactus

19 --> Paris, Café solex

21 --> Orléans, Business Club

23 --> Chénérailles, Tennis Club

Orléans - Orléans Business Club , December 21

HL&Co - Angers - Business Club - Conferences

Last conference of the year for Henri Leconte with the Business Club network on 21 December. He will be at the Orléans Business Club to talk about surpassing oneself.

All the information is available on our Conferences page.

Les Garennes-sur-Loire - Anjou Business Club , December 8

HL&Co - Angers - Business Club - Conferences

Henri Leconte will be at the Anjou Business Club on 8 December. He will be speaking at a new conference on surpassing oneself.

All the information is available on our Conferences page.

Angers - Open P2i , December 5-6

Invited by Rivacom to the third edition of the P2i Open, Henri Leconte was discovering the tournament for the first time.
Find out what he thinks in an exclusive interview below::


Official website

Metz - cercle des Paraiges , Octobre 19

HL&Co - Metz - Conferences - Debate

As part of the promotion of his book « Balles neuves », Henri Leconte and Maya were invited to Metz to the Cercle des Paraiges for a dinner debate followed by a book signing.

"What a wonderful time spent in your company! Many thanks to Christian and Laurence Morel for making Maya and me so welcome. See you soon."

Saint-Lô , October 12-13

HL&Co - Saint Lô - Conferences

Two important events for Henri Leconte on his trip to Saint-Lô.

- A conference organised by Medef Manche (cf our Conferences page) the main theme of which was how to bounce back from failure, followed by a meeting and signing session for his book « Balles neuves ».
- A visit to the Rebirth factory to pick up a Solex created in his name and sign his book there too.

" I had a very pleasant stay in Saint-Lô. Thank you all for your welcome, organisation and kindness. Thank you so much for this superb gift, which will be of great use to me. I can't wait to come back to your beautiful region!"

Actu.fr, conference
Actu.fr, factory usine

Photos exclusives conference
Photos exclusives factory usine

Mouilleron-le-captif - Vendée Business Club , October 3

HL&Co - Vendée - Business Club - Conferences

Henri Leconte is heading to the Vendée Business Club for another conference on surpassing oneself.

All the informations on our Conferences page.

Brétigny-sur-Orge - Dans la boîte à gants , September 20

HL&Co - Brétigny sur Orge - Podcast - Auto

Henri visited Éric Van de Vyver's VdeV team to film the "Dans la boîte à gants" podcast."
Interviewed by Yann Delplanque about his passion for cars, discover the many cars he has owned and never-before-seen anectodes by watching the video below.

"What a pleasure to talk about my passion for cars! Thank you Yann for this opportunity, I loved it. Thank you Éric for the warm welcome, it's always a pleasure to see you again."

Tomblaine - Lorraine Sud Business Club , September 19

HL&Co - Tomblaine - Business Club - Conferences

Back to Business Club events this September. Henri will be speaking at the Lorraine Sud Business Club in Tomblaine on 19 September. He will be talking about surpassing oneself..

For full details, see our Conferences page.

Strasbourg - 11th edition of the B2B Golf Open , September 8

Henri Leconte, a regular at the event and a passionate golfer, was used as guest of honour to this 11th edition of the B2B Open in La Wantzenau.

"A magnificent event, masterfully organised by Karim Hamida and his team. Thank you all very much."

Officiel website

Golf du Prieuré - New Henri Leconte court , September 3

HL&Co - Prieure - golf

New "Henri Leconte" court inaugurated in person by the principal concerned at the Prieuré country club golf.

"I'm very proud, happy and honoured to have a new tennis court in my name. A huge thank you to Guillaume Turin and all his team, and I look forward to seeing you again soon."

Exclusives pics

Golf du Prieuré - 2nd edition of the Very Important Prieuré Cup 2023 , September 2

HL&Co - Prieure - golf

2nd edition of the Very Important Prieuré Cup 2023 on 2 September. Henri was joined by a host of VIPs and the entire Prieuré golf team.
Photos of this wonderful day below:

Very Important Prieuré Cup

US Open , August 28 - September 10

HL&Co - New York - tennis

The last Grand Slam tournament, Iga Swiatek and Carlos Alcaraz are the defending champions of the US Open.

Henri will be taking part regularly in the tournament with his chronicle #setHenri, which you can find on his social networks.

Officiel website

« Henri's mail » New York

HL&Co - chronique

Hello New York,

You're finally back for the last Grand Slam tournament.
I missed your status, your freedom, you who never sleep, with your lights, your sirens, Time Square, Broadway... You and your atypical approach (like Wimbledon, by the way), which means we're staying in Manhattan just 45 minutes from the stadium.

You grab us in your tentacles and take us elsewhere, to a world where everything moves so fast, we feel dizzy in this incessant whirlwind.
You put stars in our eyes, it's magical, mythical. You make our heads spin, you never give us a moment's rest. You're so full of energy that you're the envy of other cities.

But beware of the madness that can burn our wings and destroy us.

You're giving us the US Open, which has the biggest tennis stadium in the world, the Arthur Ashe Stadium. It's gigantic, our very own Disney World.

For an American playing at home it must be fantastic, but for the rest of us it's a lot more complicated. You have to get to grips with the planes flying over your head, the restless crowd, the hubbub that galvanises the players, the heat and the famous smell of hamburgers wafting up your nose.

When night falls on Manhattan, you enter another dimension.
You're becoming unmanageable, uncontrollable, unbearable. You promise to be good, obedient, attentive. They want to impose new rules on you but no, you just do as you please, you don't want to.

Relax New York, everything will be fine. We're here, we love you. I love you.

Stay tuned for my #setHenri chronicle throughout the tournament,

Eppeville - 100th anniversary , June 24

HL&Co - Eppeville - tennis

The A.S. Eppeville Tennis - Pays Hamois club celebrated its 100th anniversary at the end of June. Henri Leconte and Arnaud Clément were the guests of honor. They played doubles and ran a clinic with the club's children.

"Thanks to all of you, club president Nicolas Van Hamme and his team for a wonderful time spent with you. Thanks also to les canards de la Germaine for welcoming me.
Congratulations on 100 years and long live this beautiful club!"

Courrier picard
Interview Henri Leconte / Arnaud Clément
Video summary

Exclusive pics

Halle - Champions Trophy , June 17 - 18

HL&Co - Halle - tennis - allemagne

The Terra Wortmann Open in Halle celebrates its 30th anniversary.
Winner of the first edition in 1993, Henri is invited to the party and will play mixed doubles with Andrea Petkovic against Anastazja Neumann / Philipp Kohlschreiber.

Sport Rhein Erft

Exclusive pics

Officiel website

Roland-Garros - Trophée des Légendes by Emirates , June 6 - 11

HL&Co - roland garros - tennis - paris

New this year, the Trophée des Légendes by Emirates is no longer a tournament but a series of exhibitions in ladies' doubles, men's doubles and mixed doubles.
Henri therefore played his three matches with Guy Forget, Francesca Schiavone and Andrei Medvedev respectively.

"It's always a pleasure to play at Roland-Garros with friends, with no pressure to win, just the desire to have fun and enjoy oneself.
Thanks to the organization and to the large audience who supported us so well, it was a joy to play in front of and with all of you!

Exclusives pics

« Henri's mail » Roland-Garros , May 28 - June 11

HL&Co - roland garros - tennis - paris

Thank you Roland Garros for these three great weeks we've spent in your company.

The undisputed king of this surface, Rafa Nadal, had to stay down with an injury, but another king, the king of records, arrived: Novak Djokovic. He's another Avenger, another phenomenon who's impressing history by winning his 23rd Grand Chelem tournament and becoming the only player to have won every Grand Chelem tournament at least three times.
This man makes us dream, he takes us on a journey to another planet, his own, where he seems untouchable, unshakeable, invincible.
Next challenge, and he's capable of it: win the Grand Slam over one year (he's already done it, but over two seasons).
Thanks Nolé and good luck for Wimbledon!

Congratulations also to Casper Ruud: he was no ghost in his third major final. He fought well with his weapons, with lucidity and what an intelligent, sober, respectful speech for his opponent. Well done and all the best for the future!

Iga Swiatek is becoming more and more the queen of Rolang-Garros, already winning it for the third time, just like Djoko. Thanks to her and to Karolina Muchova for this thrilling, indecisive and emotionally charged final.
Karolina's attractive champagne tennis is just what we need!
Well done ladies, you surprised us with this final!

Thanks to all of you, I was very happy to stop over in Paris and play a few matches with the Legends. We're not running as fast, but we're having a lot of fun!

Thank you to the entire tournament organization for a job well done.

Last but not least, thanks to Mr. and Mrs Soleil, who made an extended stopover in the capital and showered us with their big, beautiful rays. Thanks to them, we enjoyed this wonderful tournament to the full.

Next trips with Roland Garros in 2024 for the tournament and the Olympics Games. I'm booking my place right now because something tells me there will still be some wonderful surprises!

See you soon,

Journal inattendu
Djokovic podcast
La voix du Nord
Ouest France
Le Temps

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RTL, Caroline Garcia objectives
RTL, Caroline Garcia 1st match
RTL, Gaël Monfils
RTL, Lucas Pouille
RTL, clay
RTL, champion mom
RTL, Yannick Noah
RTL, Alcaraz - Tsitsipas
RTL, Holger Rune
RTL, Alcaraz
RTL, Alcaraz - Djokovic

Exclusive pics

Official website

« Henri's mail » Welcome on stage

HL&Co - chronique

Hello everyone,

Welcome on stage,

Like at the theater, we have the three blows (or more!!), announcing the arrival of the artists on stage. We look forward to seeing you again, with joy, impatience and anxiety.

Like at the theater, we have several acts or sets. We write a story with you.

Like at the theater, we're in the arena facing the audience. You support us, you are fantastic.

We have the same stress before stepping onto the court. It's this stress that allows us to sublimate ourselves. We go through all these emotions, but we keep the good side, the pleasure of meeting up in front of you to share our joys and sorrows, so that we can surpass ourselves to better please you.
Yes, fear is there, but it either galvanizes us or destroys us. Believe me, I've experienced it, and it's enabled me to overcome my brakes, my hang-ups, my doubts.
You haven't always been kind to me, and sometimes I deserved it, but I don't hold it against you because I love you.
I needed these difficult, intense moments, and you were used to it.

As with the actors, your applause and encouragement are essential to our performance and results, because everything can change in a quarter of a second. Thank you for all those wonderful moments.

As in the theater, when the curtain falls and the match ends, all we want is: the show must go on!

See you soon,

Strasbourg - Internationaux de Strasbourg , May 20-25

For this women's tournament in preparation for Roland Garros, Henri Leconte will be a consultant for Top Music, the official media of the event. Twice a day he will bring his expertise on the current and upcoming matches.

Midi Tennis

Tournament official website

Comme J'aime , last video

Find below the latest video of Henri for Comme J'aime:

« Henri's mail » Dear Mrs Clay

HL&Co - chronique

Hello everyone,

Letter to my great friend, Mrs Clay,

Dear Madam, you have made me suffer so much but I love you so much! You have been the surface on which I have had my most important results, I thank you.

You are exceptionally beautiful with this ochre color, unique, pampered by the good care of the technical teams of the French Open tournament and the FFT. Bravo and thank you all!

In order to tame you, we must be at the top of our game: dancing, twirling, conquering! You are demanding, uncompromising with all of us, you have hurt many. We must not let anything pass. But we accept it because the victory of a match on the Central is so beautiful, intense, incomparable!

You can also be dangerous, capricious. In these cases we must keep all our lucidity, our intelligence not to make you more intractable, irritable.

Dear Madam, I sincerely wanted to thank you because without you I would not have lived these moments of communion and unique emotion with the public.
Thank you for accompanying me, supporting me, sometimes a little hard.

I come back every year and always with pleasure to visit you because without you, dear Mrs Clay, nothing is the same.

Dear Madam, take care, we love you.

See you soon,

Castellet circuit - Audi driving experience , May 2

HL&Co - castellet - car - race - event

Wonderful experience with Audi on the Castellet circuit for Henri with Alexis Asator and Adrien Théaux.

""Exceptional moment in a beautiful and mytic setting! A huge thank you to Alexis for this day driving experience Audi in the company of Adrien Théaux, amazing ski champion. To be done again very soon!"

« Henri's mail » Rafael Nadal

HL&Co - chronicle

Hello everyone,

I am writing this letter for a person I admire and respect a lot: Rafael Nadal.
I am afraid that it will soon be the end of a very beautiful story, the end of an incredible reign.

There have always been many rivalries in the world of tennis, but this rivalry between Roger James Bond Federer and Rafael Terminator Nadal forever impresses the world of tennis and is engraved in our hearts.

I fear that we are about to live the last episode of Rafa's career. Will he be fresh and available, at 100% of his capacities? It is difficult to know. Every year we could say: « it will be difficult » but he was used. This year I'm afraid.
Won't we have a page turning? But what a page! That of an amazing man who made us dream every year. For my part I am in admiration and total respect for this man, this father who will transmit all of his determination to his son.

Let's certainly admire this extraordinary man one last time.

I look forward to your feedback but... be ready.

See you soon,

Interview Henri about Nadal's withdrawal from the French Open


HL&Co - Henriflexion - passion - sharing - performance - Conferences

Henriflexion passion, sharing, performance is the new show proposed by HL&Co Performance, presented jointly by Henri Leconte and Maya with one or several guests.

Each show, lasting approximately 30 minutes, focuses on a topical issue or a favorite topic of Henri Leconte's, which is debated and analyzed with the participants.

The main objectives are transmission, exchange, listening, all in a spirit of conviviality and well-being.

Guests, photos, videos, backstage, unpublished...To know everything about Henriflexion go to this page

April medias

Find Henri Leconte's latest interviews below:

Golf interview golf for Premium Magazine
La Story de Jean-Luc Bertrand

Paris Nord - Paris Nord Business Club , April 20

HL&Co - Paris Nord - Business Club - Conferences

Henri Leconte will be the first speaker of this new Business Club: Paris Nord Business Club. He will be speaking on the subject of surpassing oneself.

All information on our Conferences page.

« Henri's mail » Passion

HL&Co - chronicle

Hello everyone,

« Henri's mail » special passion, a subject that should speak to many of you.
Sport, art, travel, history, writing, fashion... passion touches all fields and all audiences.

Personally, I have always been obsessed and determined by tennis: it is an incredible passion that came to me when I was little and has never left me: I always wanted to be a champion, nothing could stop me, it guided me. But you mustn't forget that the easier you are, the harder you have to work because nothing is forgiven!

When you are passionate you are passionate for life, you have it in you 24 hours a day. It's a guide, it's you who directs it, it's a reason to live, an opportunity and a strength, especially in today's increasingly difficult society. When you know why you get up, that you are going to live from your passion, it is a priceless happiness that I wish to all.

You don't choose to be passionate, it's innate, you are born with it, you can't cheat. That said, one passion can lead to another: thanks to tennis, I discovered other sports, notably golf, which became another passion. I can never thank Jean-Paul Loth enough for having introduced me to this fabulous sport. For me, it's a way to feel good, to release some tension, to decompress.

To have a passion is fantastic, incredible, magical, one can quickly fall into excess, extreme, frustration. Moreover, etymologically it means suffering. It can be so invasive, obsessive, exclusive that it can disturb, hurt. It is up to us not to suffer it but to make it a strength, to learn to know it, to appropriate it, to tame it, to make it evolve and to share it with our loved ones.

I am very happy to be passionate, I live it very well, with determination. And you, are you passionate? What are you passionate about? How do you live it?

I look forward to your feedback.

See you soon,

« Henri's mail » Social networks

HL&Co - chronicle

Hello everyone,

Special social networks for this 3rd « Henri's mail ». Here is my point of view on this sensitive subject.
It's a new and difficult virtual world that can quickly become dangerous. How to approach it?

Let's not forget the good side of social networks, one of the first objectives of their appearance: to share news, to find people we have lost sight of for a long time, to exchange photos with friends or family...
Since then, it has become a means of communication that is an integral part of our lives but that can quickly invade and disturb us if we do not protect ourselves.

I think of the children, the future generations who live only by and for the networks.
Our children and teenagers are the first to use them. It's to show themselves in a completely different way, to have a mask behind a pseudo. It's not their real face. They invent a life behind an avatar.
Let's take off this mask that we create on these networks through an avatar, a character that doesn't look like us. It's so much easier to hide behind a pseudo to be able to provoke, to criticize without being punished (at first). But after that, what is there really? Humiliated, shocked, destroyed people. Is it the truth? No, it's too easy.

It is up to us parents to watch our children, to protect them from this diabolical universe, because for some this addiction can be very dangerous and devious. We can quickly fall into the excess of spying all day long on who is doing what, who is posting where, when, how, how much...
It's an incredible accelerator, fantastic but it requires a certain maturity that not everyone has.

Yes, like many, I am on some social networks but it is more for professional reasons or because I want to share some moments with you. Believe my experience: you have to be wary, protect yourself, shield yourself, keep your secret garden.

Let's live with our time, let's share our experiences, our trips, our favorites as social networks allow us to do but let's armor ourselves and let's not forget to meet people in real life. Nothing will ever replace a nice chat (by the fire) with real people in order to share real beautiful moments. Life itself!

I look forward to your feedback.

See you soon,

February March medias

Find Henri Leconte's latest interviews below:

« Henri's mail » How to make tennis more attractive ?

HL&Co - chronicle

Hello everyone,

Welcome to « Henri's mail ». For this 2nd issue we are talking about a large subject: how to make tennis more attractive?
We have just lived a fantastic period with the exceptional trio Federer-Nadal-Djokovic. Roger Federer retired in September, Rafael Nadal is increasingly injured (but watch out for him with the clay court season and a 15th Roland Garros and 23rd Grand Slam on the horizon). Novak Djokovic is at the top of his game, ready to shatter records and is looking forward to the likes of Alcaraz, Rune, Sinner...

In each era we had great confrontations with strong personalities like Navratilova, Evert, Graf, Seles, McEnroe, Connors, Agassi, Sampras, Safin, Ivanisevic, Becker... They are the ones who made tennis evolve, the mentalities, the rules.

Tennis has become even more successful, fantastic, professional, it is now a business. You almost forget that it is a game, you play tennis. Every player is prepared like a Formula 1 in an extreme way.
All of them are so under control, in a bubble, that we are almost happy to see them sometimes wavering, cracking, being a bit vulnerable because of the too strong tension of the game, of a too strong emotion...
We like to see our champions at the top but we are reassured to see that behind these untouchable athletes, there is a sensitivity, a sharing, which comes out in the intense moments and shows us that they are human beings at the expense of a game, a personality that hides (recent example with Djokovic overwhelmed by emotion when he won the Australian Open in January).

I thank the Djokovics, the Tiafoes, the Kyrgios, the Monfils who express themselves on the court. I like to see them live their matches to the fullest by involving the public, while obviously remaining within the rules and respect. I want to see a show, to feel emotions, to be surprised, to laugh... It is thanks to such personalities that tennis remains attractive.

So how to have more spectacle on the court, without abusing our sport (cf Davis Cup)? We must evolve some rules, as Wimbledon, the temple of traditions, has just done, by putting doubles in 2 winning sets and not 3.
Why not put the women's Grand Slam finals in 3 sets? Schedule more doubles (men's, women's, mixed) on the big courts during the day? Put the first week of the tournament in 2 sets and the second in 3? Try small changes, test them on the youth tournaments.

We need to communicate, go to the clubs, attract a younger, more varied public. And why not use social networks to ask enthusiasts for ideas? I'm sure it could be top.

I look forward to your feedback and ideas to boost tennis!

See you soon,

« Henri's mail » Special Davis Cup

HL&Co - chronicle

Hello everyone,

Welcome to « Henri's mail », an open letter about my favorites, which will come back regularly depending on the news.

1st "mail from Henri" on a subject which is particularly close to my heart and which is again much talked about these last days following the declarations of Nicolas Mahut and the ex president of the FFT Mr Giudicelli: the Davis Cup.
Everyone can express themselves and defend their opinions, but it is clear that giving the keys to such an event, which arouses a lot of passion, to a soccer player and a financial group who know absolutely nothing about tennis has proved to be a terrible casting error, a real waste of 4 years. I understand well Nicolas Mahut, a great Davis Cup player, who is angry and disappointed by these lost years.

The Davis Cup is the collective version of one of the most individual sports that exists. It's playing as a team and it's above all an honor, a respect to be able to represent your country.
It is an extra ordinary human adventure that has allowed players to reveal themselves (like Novak Djokovic when he wins the event and then totally frees himself in his career), to surpass themselves, to sublimate themselves. There were so many exceptional matches that made us vibrate!
For me, the Davis Cup in Lyon changed my life. Afterwards we were lucky enough to win it in 1996, 2001 and 2017.

The Davis Cup is also an opportunity for the public to passionately support their team. It is the real 3rd man. You never find such an atmosphere on the circuit, even in the Grand Slam tournaments.

In short, the Davis Cup is a special event that allows everyone, the public, club presidents, licensees, enthusiasts ... to meet, to reveal themselves and live an extraordinary moment. It is also a way for the cities that host the matches to showcase a country, a city, a region. To give dreams to all, to discover future talents, to create a desire.
It is obvious that some federations have more means, more power to organize this event and it is up to the ITF to help the smaller structures to organize such an event.

What future for the Davis Cup? Why not organize it every 2 years, like the Ryder Cup, to lighten the busy schedule of the circuit?
There are solutions to revive this beautiful event that is the Davis Cup.We must save it.

See you soon,

Lisieux - Tour de France des Territoires , February 9

HL&Co - Lisieux - tennis

As part of the Tour de France des Territoires, a project launched by the French Tennis Federation, the two ambassadors Pauline Parmentier and Henri Leconte with the president Gilles Moretton, were in Lisieux.

"Very nice day of sharing, discussion with dynamic and passionate people. Thanks to you for your welcome, your availability and your kindness."

Video summary

Melbourne - Australian Open , January 16-29

HL&Co - Australie - Melbourne - tennis

New world number 2, Aryna Sabalenka wins her first Grand Slam singles title over Elena Rybakina. Powerful, knowing how to handle pressure better than her opponents and having taken advantage of the early losses of the favourites, she has reached an important milestone and will be one to watch throughout the year.

Historic, monumental... there are not enough words to describe Novak Djokovic who won his 10th Australian Open - a record - against Stefanos Tsitsipas and joins Rafael Nadal in the number of Grand Slam victories: 22.
Despite an injury at the beginning of the tournament, he was able to raise his level of play and acted like a boss. Not having been allowed to play in this tournament in 2022, he was able to overcome his apprehensions and turn them into a strength and a great motivation that allowed him to achieve this achievement.
We can't wait to see who will win his 23rd Grand Slam tournament: Rafa (injured during the tournament) or Novak.

Melbourne - Australian Open , chronicles

HL&Co - Australie - Melbourne - tennis

The Australian tour has begun for most players with the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam tournament of the year, in mind.
Who will succeed Ashleigh Barty and Rafael Nadal? If Novak Djokovic seems to be the favorite in the men's draw (he will try to win his 10th Australian Open, an absolute record), the women's draw is much more open: why not a great opportunity for Caroline Garcia, the new world number 4, who had an exceptional end of the 2022 season? Answers in a few days.

Find Henri's chronicle #lavisdhenriaussie regularly during the fortnight on his various social networks.

Official website

Brussels - Brussels Motor Show , January 13

HL&Co - Bruxelles - cars

Passionate about cars since his childhood, Henri Leconte went to the 100th edition of the Brussels Motor Show. Invited by Car Avenue Luxembourg for the media day, he was able to marvel at these cars, each more exceptional than the last.