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« Balles neuves » , meetings and book signings

HL&Co - livre

After having been very present in the media (see here) to promote his book « Balles neuves », Henri went to see his public to talk and sign his book.
Here are the places, dates and times where you can meet him this year:


6 --> Hazebrouck, during the Haz Master Tour

13 --> Luxembourg, Ernster bookshop from 3 pm

16 --> Annecy, BMW Rossi dealership from 5.30 pm

19 --> Nancy, Fnac from 5pm

20 --> Strasbourg, Tennis Club Strasbourg from 10 am / Fnac from 3 pm

21 --> Luxembourg, Car Avenue Leulange

27 --> Boulogne-sur-mer, Fnac from 2.3 0pm
28 --> Boulogne-sur-mer, Tennis Club


2 --> Auxerre, theatre from 6.30 pm


16 --> Pierrelatte, Tennis Club from 10 am

16 --> Valence, Fnac from 3 pm

24 --> Bondues, Salon du livre from 9.30 am


6 --> Monte-Carlo, Metropole Shopping Monte-Carlo Fnac from 3 pm

18 --> Brest, Business Club

23 --> Paris, Parenthèse littéraire, théâtre de l'Ile Saint-Louis from 7 pm

24 --> Niort, Business Club

25 --> Nanterre, Sukuzi concession inauguration at 7.30 pm


4 --> Rouen, Tennis Club from 10 pm

7 --> Besançon, Foire comtoise

16 --> Villeneuve d'Ascq

21-22 --> Strasbourg, Internationaux de Strasbourg


10 --> Contrexeville, Grand Est Open 88

Roland-Garros , 26 mai - 9 juin

The clay court fortnight begins at Roland-Garros.
While Iga Swiatek and Aryna Sabalenka are the favourites on the women's side, the field is much more open on the men's side. Stefanos Tsitsipas, Alexander Zverev, Casper Ruud, Andrei Rublev, Novak Djokovic... the list of title contenders is long, and promises to be a tight affair.
As for the French players, we're expecting some fine performances and hope to see some of them reach the 2nd week.

Throughout the tournament, Henri will be appearing on RTL, reporting on the highlights of each day.

RTL, les français
RTL, Rafa Nadal

Quotidien du sport

« Henri's mail » The tennis racket

HL&Co - chronicle

Hello everyone,

Today's « Henri's mail » special on equipment: we're going to be talking about the tennis racket.
Many people think that the racket makes the player! Generally speaking, people choose it on the basis of a number of criteria, including the way they play, their idol and even imitating their various grins.
The racket should be an extension of your arm, like a painter with a brush capable of being fine, imposing and powerful all at once. Matisse, Picasso and many others, the choice is yours.

Another very important thing: the rope. Finding the right flexibility and rigidity isn't easy. It's like driving a car: you have to find the right settings, talk to the right people in your club or elsewhere and try out the equipment.
Personally, I like a string with a good feel, capable of being supple, precise and lively at the same time, so it's complicated, you might say! The only string I've found is quite thin on clay and other surfaces and even very thin, but only for Wimbledon on grass. It was fantastic, a magnificent sound and feel, a dream.

But that's not all! You also need to find the right balance for your racket. Some prefer more weight in the head, others neutral, but for me more in the handle so that I can control it.
Weight is very important if you don't want to injure yourself (tendonitis, etc). When I started out, we played with wooden rackets, then graphite, which was nothing like it is today. My rackets weighed 385g with a 32.5 balance, while others weighed 400g or more... anvils.

Don't forget the grip: get the right feel so you don't overdo it. I had a grip 4 with Fairway leather made in England, like John Mc Enroe and Stefan Edberg, to keep the feel.

When I started out, I had various wooden rackets: Marville, Addidas, Slazenger, Head. Then graphite came along and Head made an incredible racket, the Confort, and the one that left its mark on tennis, the Prestige. When you hit a shot it whistled like a bird, and I loved that.

Then, of course, other brands came along with varying degrees of success.
One was incredible: Fischer, the one that marked my history and the history of French tennis in 1991 when I won the Davis Cup. It gave me everything: flexibility, precision and power. It was ideal!

Today I'm playing with an Australian racket from Heysil, which reminds me of the good times thanks to a man with a passion for tennis who I met in Australia at the WTC Challenge in Adelaide. Jeffrey is a dentist and stringer, and he offered me the chance to try out his prototype. It gave me a great feeling straight away. Since then, he's been making me personalised, numbered, made-to-measure rackets. It's been a dream. Thank you Jeffrey.

What's your racket? What does it mean to you?

I look forward to hearing from you!

See you soon,

RTL , Olympic Games

HL&Co - RTL - Paris - Jeux Olympiques

Henri Leconte will be one of RTL's consultants during the Paris Olympic Games, which kick off on 26 July.
He will appear daily on RTL Matin and throughout the day as the news develops.
He is also expected to appear on the major night-time broadcast of the Games, hosted by Éric Silvestro.

Official website

Mazières-en-Gâtine - Deux Sèvres Business Club , April 24

HL&Co - Mazières-en-Gâtine - Deux Sèvres Business Club - Conferences

After Brittany, Henri Leconte will be giving a talk on surpassing oneself for the Deux Sèvres Business Club in Mazières-en-Gâtine.

All the information you need can be found on our Conferences page.

Nouvelle République

Paris - Théâtre de l'Ile Saint-Louis , April 23

HL&Co - Paris - bool

Henri Leconte presented and signed his book « Balles neuves » at the prestigious Théâtre de l'Ile Saint-Louis in Paris. Accompanied by Patricia Hostein, his interlocutor, he went back over his career, the key encounters that helped him evolve, his passions... and exchanged views with the audience.

"I had an unforgettable and touching time on stage yesterday. Thank you Patricia for giving me this unique experience. The beginning of something...?"

Gouesnou- Brest Business Club , April 18

HL&Co - Gouesnou - Brest Business Club - Conferences

Back to conferences with the Business Club group for Henri Leconte.
He will be going to the Brest Business Club in Gouesnou to talk about surpassing oneself.

All the information you need can be found on our Conferences page.

Rennes , April 17

HL&Co - Rennes - tennis

Ahead of the 18th edition of the Open Blot in September, Henri Leconte was invited to Rennes by the Rivacom agency to run the Open en Quartiers operation, sponsored by Pierre Promotion, with the aim of bringing tennis to as many people as possible.
He then took part in the tournament presentation evening with the organisers..

Ouest France
Rennes Business Mag

Boulogne-sur-Mer , April 9-14

HL&Co - Boulogne sur mer - tennis - inauguration

A busy schedule for Henri back in Boulogne-sur-Mer, culminating in the inauguration of the brand new Pôle raquettes and the centre court bearing his name.
In front of a packed audience, he unveiled the plaque on his court in the company of Gilles Moretton, President of the French Tennis Federation, and Franck Paque, President of the Boulogne Tennis Club.

After several planned visits to the region, he witnessed Great Britain's victory (and Emma Raducanu's return to the highest level) over France. This match in the qualifying round of the Billie Jean King Cup was organised in Le Portel.

"Another unforgettable stay in Boulogne-sur-Mer! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Franck and everyone who worked on this magnificent project. I'm very proud, happy and moved to have such a beautiful court named after me. I'll be seeing you very soon."

La Voix du Nord

Exclusive pics

Monaco , April 6-8

HL&Co - Monaco - tennis - livre

Henri headed south to Monaco's Fnac store in the Metropole Shopping Center. It was in this beautiful setting that he met his public and signed his book.

"A dream weekend here in Monaco. Thank you to everyone who made this magnificent event possible."

Exclusive pics (copyright Metropole Shopping Monte-Carlo)

Bondues - 25ème Salon du livre , March 24

HL&Co - Bondues - livre

Henri took part in his first Salon du livre in Bondues. A very large and enthusiastic audience was there to welcome him, talk to him and get him to sign his book.
He was also delighted to be reunited with Luc Leblanc, former world road cycling champion.

"I had an excellent time in Bondues, and the welcome was exceptional. Many thanks to everyone!"

Pierrelatte - Valence , March 15-16

HL&Co - Pierrelatte - Valence - tennis - livre

Henri Leconte stopped off in the Drôme region at the Tennis Club de Pierrelatte and then at Fnac in Valence. Responding to an invitation from Serge Boyer (President of the Pierrelatte Tennis Club), he presented and signed his book to a packed audience.

"What a pleasure to come back to this region where I have so many fond memories. Well done and thank you all for your welcome, your kindness and your generosity. Top organisation, I'll be back soon."

Exclusive pics (copyright Marine Boyer)

« Henri's mail »

HL&Co - chronicle

Hello everyone,

The news is in: Rafa Nadal will not be taking part in the Indian Wells tournament. It's a huge blow for the organisers and all his fans, but is it really a surprise?
Didn't he make a mistake by wanting to play on hard court, a very hard surface for the body (my back still remembers it), and Rafa's body is bruised: hip, thigh, wrist, foot... I find it hard to understand this choice.
Now he has to concentrate on clay, HIS clay, with the French Open in his sights in May and July thanks to the Olympic Games.

We want to see him finish in the spotlight!
We want to hear his « Vamos » again, fist raised, haranguing the crowd, seeking the cheers of the public after an exceptional rally as only he knows how to do, and terasser his opponents.
We want to see him fight like a devil, admire his courage, his will, his self-sacrifice and his fair play.
We want to be able to vibrate with him once again.

Roger Federer's departure was hard on all of us, and Rafa's will be just as hard, so of course we want to be able to enjoy every last speck of clay played by this extraordinary champion.

But for the moment, the end of his career bears a striking resemblance to that of his greatest rival on the courts and his good friend: Roger Federer. A lot of preparation and physical problems piling up as his rivals raise their game.

So stop or stop again? It would be heartbreaking for the king of clay to stop playing just a few short weeks from now. What we would like to see him do is give it one last go for one last round of tennis. Go one last time beyond the pain and take all the love and immense respect of the public before fully enjoying the post-tennis era.

Vamos Rafa!

I look forward to hearing from you... winners, of course!

See you soon,

Lille - Play in Challenger , March 3

HL&Co - Lille - tennis

Back in his native region, Henri Leconte was invited to the ATP "Play in Challenger" tournament in Lille.
After presenting and signing his book « Balles neuves », he made the toss in the final, won by French favourite Arthur Rinderknech against Belgium's Joris de Loore.

"Thank you all for a wonderful time in this region that I love so much. Well done Arthur for this fine victory, which will give you confidence for the rest of your season."

Official website

Luxembourg - "Set and Lunch by CBTW" , February 9

HL&Co - Luxembourg - tennis

First "Set and Lunch by CBTW" this year at the Tennis Club des Arquebusiers for Henri and his guests.

"I'm very pleased to have taken part with you all in this 1st "Set and Lunch by CBTC" 2024. Thank you and see you at the next one in March."

Comme J'aime , videos

Here are Henri Leconte's latest videos for Comme J'aime

Brussels , February 7-8

« Balles neuves » promotion in Brussels for Henri Leconte.
Accompanied by Philippe Werts, Henri appeared on several programmes to talk about his book. As he is particularly fond of this country and its people, these few intense hours were spent in an excellent atmosphere.

"I was delighted to come to Belgium to promote my book. Thank you Philippe for your precious help and friendship. Thank you to all the radio, TV and press teams I met who were so welcoming and generous with me."

Les visiteurs du soir

Exclusive pics

Paris - Salon rétromobile , January 30

HL&Co - Paris - automobile

A lifelong car enthusiast, Henri Leconte was delighted to attend the Salon rétromobile in Paris. He met many friends and discovered some superb cars. See for yourself.

Exclusive photos

Official website

Boulogne-sur-Mer , January 26-28

HL&Co - Boulogne sur mer - tennis - livre - basket

Back on home soil! Invited by Franck Paque and his team to Boulogne-sur-Mer to sign his new book « Balles neuves », Henri had a sporting weekend as he was accompanied by Pauline Parmentier, he kicked off the Boulogne / Nanterre92 basketball match and supported the players during the final stages of the tennis tournament.

"Two exceptional days, and thank you all for your welcome, your generosity and your kindness. We look forward to seeing you again soon for more great moments of sharing, sport and emotion."

Exclusive photos

Melbourne - Australian Open , January 14-28

HL&Co - Australie - Melbourne - tennis

Aryana Sabalenka and Jannick Sinner are the big winners of this Australian Open.

For the second year running, Aryana Sabalenka triumphed in Australia. Her opponent, the Chinese Quinwen Zheng, could do nothing as she is so far above the rest.
She's on another planet, she has the power of Serena Willimans, and she's putting severe scores on everyone, a bit like Steffi Graf did. She has the potential to dominate tennis over the next few years, provided she develops her game and gives it more variation.
Coco Gauff was the only one to stand up to Sabalenka, but she still needs to work on her explosiveness if she is to turn the corner.
Although Iga Swiatek and Elena Rybakina lost out early on, they will be playing leading roles this year.

In the men's draw, Jannick Sinner's victory over Daniil Medvedev, his first in a Grand Slam, came as no surprise. He finished 2023 on a high note, beating Novak Djokovic twice. He is the player of the moment. It's up to him to confirm his new status as favourite in the coming tournaments. It'll be very interesting to see how he approaches the clay-court season, because he's not a landlubber. This atypical player, who lives his life the old-fashioned way (he's not on the net much, if at all), is doing tennis a world of good.

Novak Djokovic, beaten by Sinner in the semi-finals, will not - yet - win his 11th Australian Open. But pushed by the likes of Carlos Alcaraz, Holger Rune, Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev (who is coming back very strongly), he will be very dangerous at Roland Garros: he only likes challenges and records, so watch out for him, he's always there.

As is often the case, the French performed well in this tournament. Well done to Océane Dodin, Adrian Mannarino and Arthur Cazaux, who reached the last 16. We need to keep this momentum going.

Melbourne - Australian Open , chronicles

HL&Co - Australie - Melbourne - tennis

After a short winter break, the Australian Open is back on the calendar..
Will defending champions Aryna Sabalenka and Novak Djokovic retain the trophy?
Will Novak, unbeaten since 2018, win his 11th Australian Open and 25th Grand Slam tournament?
Will the French players, who have sixteen representatives in the men's draw, be present?

Henri will be reporting on the highlights of the fortnight in his column #lavisdhenriaussie, which can be found on his various social networks (link on the home page).

Official website

Hazebrouck , January 6-7

Henri was invited to take part in the final stages of the Haz Master Tour, a sporting event that is growing in popularity.
After meeting the various members of the organisation and its many partners, he presented and signed his new book « Balles neuves ».

"Very happy to be back in my native region. Thank you for the warm welcome, the conviviality and your legendary generosity."

« Henri's mail » Rafa's comeback

HL&Co - chronicle

Hello everyone,

I wish you all the best for 2024!!

Return of « Henri's mail ». We'll be talking about King Rafa, who is back after a long absence due to injury.

I'm, we're, very happy to see him back on the courts because we missed him for many reasons: his fighting spirit, his power, his determination.
It's true that we had a great 2023 season with an incredible Djokovic who continues to make history. But hasn't he had a lack of rivals? The fact that Rafa is back will, I hope, change things and spice up this wonderful 2024 Olympic year.

I can't wait to see their five-set duel again but ... qui va piano va sano.

Rafa won his first two matches in Brisbane, so he has a progressive draw, which is good for him and will boost his confidence.
But whatever the opponent, Rafa always strikes fear. He impresses with his physique, his determination and his killer look. Even before he steps onto the court, his charisma and aura command respect. Psychologically, he's already made the breakthrough.
Admittedly, you'd think he'd be a little out of his depth on the court after not competing for a year, but experience tells us otherwise. But will he be able to control his emotions? I'll allow myself to dream. El Toro is back.

Now the only uncertainty is: how will he be able to string together the different matches during the Australian Open, recovering well because we're playing best of five sets?
I am, we are, looking forward to seeing him in the Australian garden after such a long absence and ... why not dream, see him make a comeback like Roger Federer and win?

Of course, let's not forget the ogre Djoko, who has won ten times, an all-time record. What we want and expect is a fight between these two gladiators.
By the way, speaking of the Joker, isn't he out to get us once again? Is the gladiator back ... or not?
Isn't his little wrist injury a way of taking the extra pressure off himself? We don't want that because we want to have another exceptional Australian Open.

Vamos Rafa!! Come on Nole!!

I look forward to your feedback!

See you soon,