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Partnership with Car Avenue Luxembourg

HL&Co - Luxembourg - voitures

Henri Leconte is the new ambassador of Car Avenue Luxembourg.

"I am proud and honored to be an ambassador for Car Avenue Luxembourg..
Thank you Pascal Driant, group director, Christophe Greff, marketing and quality manager, and the entire team for your trust."

Official website

Reims - Champagne Ardenne Business Club , December 16

HL&Co - Reims - Business Club - Conferences

Surpassing oneself will be the main topic of Henri's next conference on December 16 at the Champagne Ardenne Business Club in Reims.

Link to our Conferences page for more information.

Manolo Santana

HL&Co - Espagne - Tennis - Décès

Former world number one and winner of four Grand Slam tournaments, the great Spanish champion Manolo Santana died on December 11 at the age of 83.

"Very sad to learn the death of Mr Manolo Santana...In addition to being a great champion who had an exceptional carrer, he was a very beautiful person, kind, available, passionate, generous.
All my condoleances to his family and his close relations. Rest In Peace."

November December medias

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Podcast Tennis Legend part 1
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Podcast La combinaison
30 ans Lyon with Henri Leconte and Guy Forget, FFT
Ouest France
Sud Ouest
Eurosport les grands récits
Interview RTF Limoges

Le Castellet - "Les 2 Tours d'Horloge" , November 5-7

HL&Co -Racing car - Le Castellet

"Les 2 Tours d'Horloge", the famous VHC Endurance event created by Eric Van De Vyver in 1992, took place on the mythical circuit Paul Ricard in Castellet
Passionate about car racing, Henri was there.
He and his team: Éric Van de Vyver, Guillaume Van de Vyver and Patrick Brossard, took a superb 2nd place in the CS category driving the TVR Griffith 200.

"Thank you to all, marshals, organizers, public, all the teams, for this fabulous weekend! I was very happy to participate in this mythical race. Congratulations to my Dream Team, you were fantastic.
I would also like to address a special word to Stéphane Belval, my mechanic who does wonders: thank you for everything you do for us; I wish you a good continuation and I hope to see you very soon."

Var-Matin's interview

Official website

Comme J'aime videos

Find below the latest videos of Henri for Comme J'aime:

Rolex Paris Masters - "Le conte d'Henri"

Return of the show "Le conte d'Henri" sur Eurosport for the Rolex Paris Masters.
Henri looks back on the highlights of his career at this tournament throughout the week.

1st episode: 1986, semi-finale against Boris Becker
2nd episode: 1987, semi-finale against Tim Mayotte
3rd episode: 1988, 1st round against John McEnroe
4th episode: 1992, 2nd round against Pete Sampras
5th episode: 1993, 2nd round against Cédric Pioline

Joucas - Indevho Company conference , October 20

HL&Co - Conference - Indevho - Joucas

Henri Leconte and Maya gave a conference for the Indevho Company (hotel group management) at the Mas des Herbes Blanches in the Luberon. They addressed the following topics:
- the parallel between the challenges of performance in sport and in business
- the surpassing of oneself
- the motivation

"A big thank you to Bruno Robert (CEO Indevho) for all these wonderful discussions in the presence of many hotel managers and staff of the group, as well as Bruno Ibanez (manager of the Mas des Herbes Blanches) for his welcome in this exceptional place."

Indevho official website
Le Mas des Herbes Blanches official website

Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne Luxembourg - Induction , Octobre 16

HL&Co - Intronisation - Coteaux de Champagne - Luxembourg

Great moment last October 16 at the Cercle Münster in Luxembourg: indeed, at the request of Madame Alexandra Pereyre de Nonancourt (member of the Laurent Perrier management board of the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne), Henri Leconte was inducted into the order of Officer of the OCC. .

"I was very honored and proud to receive this disctinction. A huge thank you to all of you."

Exclusives pics by Thomas Urbany

Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne official website
Cercle Münster official website

Tasting , October 9

HL&Co -tasting - Wine

Wonderful "100th anniversary" tasting in the Bernard-Massard cellars.
Many thanks to Antoine Clasen for his superb welcome and to Eddy Rousseau for his enlightened advice.

Bernard Tapie

HL&Co - Bernard Tapie

A businessman with multiple skills, Bernard Tapie passed away on October 3 at the age of 78.

"Popular and heartfelt man, man of challenges, he left no one indifferent in his many fights.
I send all my condolences to his family.
Rest in peace Bernard."

Taden - Open Guindé , October 1st-3

HL&Co - Taden - Tennis

Festive weekend in Taden at the beginning of October! Indeed, the tournament celebrates its 10th anniversary as well as the 30th anniversary of France's Davis Cup victory in Lyon!
Henri Leconte and Guy Forget were there for a historic match.

""Rainy but happy Breton weekend! Thank you first of all to the Jeulin's family for their welcome at Golf Cap Malo where I played with Jean-Marie Cabaret, the golf teacher.
Congratulations to Xavier Reynaud, Romain Lepetit, Fred Vitoux, the UNJPT and all the organizers of this tournament which is getting stronger. I was very happy to be with you all to meet lovely people to relive these beautiful moments strong in emotion!
I hope to see you soon!"

Ouest France
Exclusive pictures

Official website

Strasbourg - 8th edition of the B2B Golf Open , September 10

Henri Leconte participated in the 8th edition of the B2B Golf Open which took place at the Wantzenau golf course.

Official website

Paris Sud - Paris Sud Business Club , September 9

HL&Co - Paris - Business Club - Conférences

Henri Leconte's new conference will take place in Paris Sud. He will talk about self-development at the Paris Sud Business Club.

Link to our Conferences page for more information.

Jean-Paul Belmondo

HL&Co - Belmondo - cinéma - décès

Jean-Paul Belmondo, alias "Le Magnifique", "l'As des As" died on September 6 at the age of 88. It is one of the last great actors, passionate about sports and especially tennis, who has passed away.

"I've just learned Mr Jean-Paul Belmondo's death. He was my idol, a man with a real passion for the sport and with an extreme kindness with everyone.
A thought for all his family in these difficult moments. I'm sad, I would like to be Bėbel."

Chénérailles - Anniversaries , August 25

Henri Leconte returned to Creuse on "his" court to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Chénérailles tennis club and the 30th anniversary of France's victory in the Davis Cup.

"A huge thank you to all of you for your kindness and your welcome. See you soon!!"

Press article France 3 Nouvelle Aquitaine

Villers-sur-Mer , August 20-22

HL&Co - Villers sur Mer - France - tennis

Henri Leconte went to Villers-sur-Mer as an expert to assist the "Call for Tenders" commission in choosing the new tennis manager.
All the explanations via this link

Creuse - Château de la Chassagne , end of July

A few days in Saint-Hilaire-le-Château (Creuse) for Henri Leconte, and more precisely at the Château de la Chassagne.

"Period clothes, cutlery visit, relaxation ...Thank you all for these beautiful new moments!!"

Exclusive photos to discover here

Tokyo - Olympic Games , July 23-August 8

HL&Co	- Jeux Olympiques - Japon - Tokyo

Postponed of one year because of pandemic, the Olympic Games of Tokyo finally take place this summer.

As a reminder, tennis made its return to this competition in 1988 in Seoul under the leadership of Mr Philippe Chatrier (President of the FFT in 1973, of the ITF in 1977 and member of the IOC in 1988).

Henri Leconte took part in the Seoul and Barcelona Olympics:

"I remember a magical and mytic moment! In Barcelona, I attended the opening ceremony: I felt like a child who had stars in his eyes! It was exceptional!!

In the Olympic Village I met mega stars like Earven Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan (basketball Dream Team), Carl Lewis, Lindford Christie (100m winner)... ...
Among the French there were "les Barjots", bronze medalists in handball, Marie-Josée Perec (gold in 400), Sébastien Flûte (gold in archery) and all the others! It was really fabulous!!!
Marc Rosset and Jennifer Capriati won the singles tournament.
Even if we have more often the opportunity in tennis to represent and win for our country with the Davis Cup, the Olympic Games remain apart.

Good luck to all athletes for these Olympic Games which are very special because of the health crisis. Enjoy these exceptional moments!!"

July August September medias

All the different interviews done this summer with Henri Leconte to discover below:

Podcast "Belle Trace" with Florence Masnada
Europe 1's interview

Boulogne-sur-Mer , June 25-27

HL&Co - Boulogne sur mer - Tennis - Tournoi

Henri Leconte is in Boulogne-sur-Mer for a few days for the CNGT AUDI tournament.
Patron of the TC Boulogne-sur-Mer, he participates in many activities during the tournament with the President of the Club Franck Paque.

Luxembourg - Tennis Club des Arquebusiers , June 16

HL&Co - Luxembourg - Tennis

Representatives of the company Foyer (B2B event organized by Arnaud Leballeur and the company People First Luxembourg) played tennis with Henri Leconte on June 16th at Tennis Club des Arquebusiers.

Valence - Drôme Ardèche Business Club , June 15

HL&Co - Valence - Business Club - Conferences

First conference this year! It take place near Valence (Tennis Club de Bourg-lès-Valence) at the Drôme Ardèche Business Club. Henri talk about self-improvement.

More informations on our Conferences page

Interview for le Dauphiné Libéré

Henri Play , French Open

HL&Co - Youtube - tv show

Henri Leconte launches his new show on his Youtube channel: "Henri Play by Positive Thinking Company".
Because of the French Open, it will talk a lot about this tournament which begins Sunday.
Guests, photos, videos, backstage, unpublished ...All about Henri Play here

Presentation HenriPlay in La Voix du Nord

Strasbourg - Internationaux de Strasbourg , May 24-29

HL&Co - Strasbourg - Tennis

Consultant for Top Music radio for the Internationaux de Strasbourg, Henri Leconte brings this tournament to listeners by showing them the backstage of this important event one week before French Open.

Interview Top Music

Official website

Comme J'aime , last videos

Find below the latest videos of Henri for Comme J'aime:

Nevers - "Les 6h de Magny-Cours" , May 14-16

HL&Co - Nevers - Automobile

A few hours at the wheel of the TVR Griffith 200 for Henri near Magny-Cours!! With Eric Van de Vyver (event organizer) and Alex Maynard, the team wins the category (TVR) and finishes 7th overall in the ""6h de Magny-Cours"!

"Congratulations to all the team, the sponsors and the organization despite a rather capricious weather. See you at the beginning of November for "Les 2 tours d'horoge" in Castellet!"

Interview for Le Journal du Centre
Exclusive pictures (V de V Sports, Jacques Letihon and Philippe Floquet)

Official VdeV website

Luxembourg - "yes to respect, yes to e-respect" , May 10

HL&Co - Luxembourg	- Respect - Concours

Henri Leconte and Maya support the "yes to respect, yes to e-respect" competition organized by Ms. Catherine Verdier, psychologist, founder of Psyfamille and founder and president of the Amazing Kids association.

Concerned by school bullying and cyberbullying, they will be present on May 10 for the jury's deliberation.

Officiel Psyfamille website
Interview Catherine Verdier - Henri Leconte

April May June medias

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Henri Leconte passe à table
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L'art du jeu
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Top Gear , April 1st

Backstage - Show -  Top Gear

7th season of Top Gear this April 1st! Luc Alphand joins the team alongside Philippe Lellouche, Bruce Jouanny and Le Tone.
Henri and Malika Ménard inaugurate this new season.
Who will do the best time? Answer this Thursday 1st from 9:05 pm on RMC Découverte!

Infos on the shooting
Exclusive pictures

Handicap International - Charity tennis tournament , March 1st-May 31

Organized by InterNations and Handicap International Luxemburg, to ensure a quality education to disabled children around the world, Henri Leconte will be the patron of this event.

To learn more about this event, see the links below:
Charity tennis tournament

Chénérailles , February 26

HL&Co - Creuse - Tennis

In July 1998, Henri Leconte inaugurated the Henri Leconte court in Chénérailles, Creuse. It is the only clay court in the department!
Back today for a few hours on HIS court!

Gilles Moretton new President of the FFT , February 13

HL&Co - FFT - élections - tennis - Gilles Moretton

"Congratulations Gilles, I am very happy to learn of your election as the new President of the French Tennis Federation.
At last a President who has a legitimate career path to bring his knowledge and expertise to French and International tennis".

Melbourne - "Le conte d'Henri 2021"

"Le conte d'Henri" is back! Throughout the Australian Open, Henri tells us different anecdotes about some of the most significant matches . Don't miss it!

Le conte d'Henri, l'épopée du Scud
Le conte d'Henri, McEnroe, par ici la sortie
Le conte d'Henri, Safin - Federer
Le conte d'Henri, Escudé contre Sampras puis Agassi

Exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of the shootings

Melbourne - Australian Open , February 1st-21

HL&Co - Melbourne - Australie - tennis

Naomi Osaka succeeds Sofia Kenin and becomes more and more important as the future great patroness of women's tennis: a very successful player and a woman with convictions. Now she is only missing real rivals to have beautiful duels in the coming years.

Congratulations to her opponent, Jennifer Brady, 25-year-old American, for her great tournament until the final.

Confinement, quarantine, injuries, Novak Djokovic is the one who best managed this special Australian Open. He confirms once again that he is in his own backyard in Australia by winning the title for the ... 9th time!

With 18 Grand Slam titles won, he is close to Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer, winners of 20 titles each. The numbers are almost scary as they are incredible: let's take full advantage of these three outstanding champions as long as they're out there breaking one record after another.

Daniil Medvedev made a very nice tournament even if the final was too hard for him.
Him, Stefanos Tsitsipas (winner in 1/4 of Nadal in 5 sets after being led two sets to nothing!), Alexander Zverev, Dominic Thiem...the NextGen shows up but still can't manage to dethrone Nadal, Djokovic and to a lesser extent Federer who will take over the racket only at the beginning of March.

Too bad for the moment that no Frenchman is able to come and titillate the best...

Official AO website

January February March medias

Videos, interviews...Find Henri Leconte's latest publications in the media below:

Interview for Letzbehealty
Interview for Le Parisien
RTL, "Tout à gagner"
Interview for Le Télégramme about left-handed
Interview for Court-Circuit part 1


HL&Co - Équipe

For several days now, the daily newspaper l'Équipe has been off the newsstands following a social plan. Henri's reaction:

"I am shocked, saddened...how can we be taken away from l’Équipe, our sports bible?! We cannot live without it, it is not conceivable to deprive ourselves of it, this journal is part of our daily life!

Like many people, I grew up with l'Équipe: every morning I like to take time to read the results, the reports, the interviews, to discover new athletes, different sports… It is my ritual.

I've had many articles, some of them front page too. I kept some. Preciously. Especially of course the victory of Lyon. Sometimes the analyses were harsh, sometimes they were laudatory, sometimes they were exaggerated and so? It's normal, everyone has their own point of view...and leaving them indifferent would not have pleased me.

For all these reasons, l'Équipe must not disappear. My heart goes out to you and support you in this difficult time. Let's all stand together and save this daily rendezvous for all sports lovers."

#ReviensViteLEquipe #JamaisSansMonEquipe

Chronicles #monAustralie

HL&Co - Henri Leconte - Chronicle - Australiea

The Australian Open is approaching - tournament starts on February 8th.
While waiting for the start of the festivities, Henri Leconte created a new chronicle throughout the month of January: #monAustralie, in which he will talk about this tournament he played 7 times; he will tell us about all the backstage and will mention many anecdotes. He will also tell us why he loves this beautiful country so much.

These chronicles will be posted on Henri's social networks (Facebook link and Instagram link).

Back on the courts

After a very "special" year 2020 punctuated by a succession of confinements / deconfinements / re-confinements / curfew due to the coronavirus, all wish to return to a more normal life and in particular to rediscover the pleasure of playing sport and seeing tournaments once again.

Hostilities begin with the qualifications for the Australian Open. They will take place in Dubai for women and Doha for men in mid-January. Then on to Australia for the ATP Cup followed by the Australian Open.

This will be followed by a European and an Asian tour. No Indian Wells tournament planned but Miami maintained.

Let's keep our fingers crossed so that this beginning of season can take place as planned!

Happy New Year 2021 everyone!